About Esmeralda

Empath Sorceress, Genuine Psychic, and Tarot-Reading Expert

Esmeralda comes from a pure and distinguished family of witches, mediums, and spiritualists. Given her father’s bloodline, she is a true descendant of the Illuminati order in which teachings of enlightenment, direction, wisdom, transition, and reform are all natural attributes in which are used in your spiritual guidance to alter your journey.

Esmeralda takes pride in delivering exceptional service and communicating effectively with her clients. That mind-set has resulted in a high success rate throughout her career as a psychic and spiritual guide. More than 20,000 clients have already expressed positive feedback about Esmeralda’s life-changing impact.

Background of Alchemy & Banks

Esmeralda established herself out of her family estate home beginning in 1994, in Laurel Canyon, which grew to become Alchemy & Banks today. Her goal was to help people discover their higher selves through spiritual readings and guidance. After transforming so many lives for the better, there is no doubt that Esmeralda has fulfilled that dream.

Esmeralda caters to clients from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, with a focus on Beverly Hills, Palm Springs, and Los Angeles, CA. For more information about her services, get in touch with her today!