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Madame Esmeralda: Professional, Natural-Born Psychic

Are you facing challenges or obstacles in your pursuit of true love? Would you like to overcome relationship problems and have a glimpse of what the future holds? Do you want to achieve success in both your career and personal life? Esmeralda of Alchemy & Banks is here to provide you with psychic insight, direction, and spiritual guidance.

A true psychic and witch, to help connect relationships and reunite people back together. She accomplishes this by tapping into the heart of the matter, giving every client the spiritual guidance needed to succeed.

All of Esmeralda’s readings are honest, ethical, compassionate, and free of discrimination. For instance, members of the LGBT community turn to Esmeralda because her doors are open to everyone. If you are looking for spiritual guidance, she would definitely love to work with you.

Trusted and Highly Rated by Clients

Esmeralda’s psychic skills have been tested for accuracy with an admirable 99.9% accuracy. In fact, several trusted advisors and metaphysical sites have given her five-star ratings due to her excellent customer service and ability to make strong predictions of what is to unfold.

Esmeralda’s Mission

Esmeralda strives to provide clients with impeccable psychic intuitive enlightenment and spiritual guidance in the form of tarot readings, dream analysis, aura readings, psychic readings, as well as expert readings on love and relationships.


Psychic Readings

Esmeralda will quickly tune into the core of your issues during the psychic reading, giving you clarity and inspiration. Her insights and guidance will give you the strength needed to overcome problems and uncertainties.


Tarot Readings

If you are facing challenging questions related to your personal life, Esmeralda can give you the guidance and information you need. More importantly, you’ll be embarking on a journey toward success and happiness.


Love and Relationship Readings

Love and relationships are complex matters that may cause confusion and self-doubt if you don’t have the proper guidance. Esmeralda is here to show you the path that leads to enlightenment, acceptance, and happiness.

Gerald Dublin


“Amazing, Esmeralda is so very helpful and such a lovely person. I feel as if I have known her for years 🙂 very much worth the money.”


United Kingdom

“Easy communication, timely delivery, I am satisfied with your service. Thank you!”


Victoria, Canada

“Highly recommended! A+++++”


Miami, Florida

“Excellent reading I love this POWERFULL reader!!! Great communication!!!!”


Galveston, GA

“I FEEL GREAT!!! THANK YOU ESMARELDA!!! Highly Recommended A+A+A+!”


Sicily, Italy

“Esmeralda is THE GO TO person! She is awesome! She is professional, she is very competent and she helped me before. I am a repeat client. I recommend 100%”